• Boyhood

  • Boyhood is a 2014 American coming-of-age drama film, written and directed by Richard Linklater, and starring Patricia Arquette,Ellar Coltrane, Lorelei Linklater, and Ethan Hawke. Shot intermittently over the course of a 12-year period from 2002 to 2014,Boyhood depicts the adolescence of Mason Evans, Jr. (Coltrane) from ages six to eighteen as he grows up in Texas with divorced parents (Arquette and Hawke). Richard Linklater's daughter Lorelei plays Mason's sister, Samantha.

    The project began filming without a completed script, with only basic plot points and the ending written initially. Linklater developed the script throughout production, writing the next year's portion of the film after rewatching the previous year's footage. He incorporated changes he saw in each actor into the script, while also allowing all major actors to participate in the writing process by incorporating their life experiences into their characters' stories.

    Boyhood premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival[3] and was released theatrically on July 11, 2014.[4] The film also competed in the main competition section of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival,[5] where Linklater won the Silver Bear for Best Director.[6] It was declared a landmark film by many notable critics, who praised its direction, acting, ingenuity, and scope.[7][8][9][10][11] The film was nominated for five Golden Globe Awards, winning Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Director, andBest Supporting Actress for Arquette. It also received six Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, Best Director, andBest Supporting Actress for Arquette, which she won.

  • CAST

    • Ellar Coltrane as Mason Evans Jr.
    • Patricia Arquette as Olivia EvansLorelei
    • Linklater as Samantha EvansEthan
    • Hawke as Mason EvansSr.
    • Libby Villari as Catherine: Olivia's motherMarco
    • Perella as Bill Welbrock: Olivia's second husband
    • Jamie Howard as Mindy Welbrock: Bill's daughter
    • Andrew Villarreal as Randy Welbrock: Bill's son
    • Brad Hawkins as Jim: Olivia's third husband
    • Jenni Tooley as Annie: Mason Sr.'s second wife
    • Richard Andrew Jones as Annie's father
    • Karen Jones as Annie's mother
    • Bill Wise as Steve Evans: Mason Sr.'s brother
    • Zoe Graham as Sheena: Mason Jr.'s girlfriend
    • Charlie Sexton as Jimmy: Mason Sr.'s roommate and friend
    • Barbara Chisholm as Carol: Olivia's friend
    • Cassidy Johnson as Abby: Carol's daughter
    • Richard Robichaux as Mason's boss
    • Steven Chester Prince as Ted: Olivia's boyfriend
    • Tom McTigue as Mr. Turlington: Mason Jr.'s photography teacher
    • Will Harris as Sam's boyfriend at college
    • Andrea Chen as Sam's college roommate
    • Maximillian McNamara as Dalton: Mason Jr.'s college roommate
    • Taylor Weaver as Barb: Dalton's girlfriend
    • Jessi Mechler as Nicole: Barb's roommate

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  •   IMDb                                     8.2/10


    Rotten Tomatoes                    98%


      Metacritic                               100%